Czech Long Distance Training (02/10/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Dobrošov
Country: Czech Republic
Discipline: Long Distance
Distance: 8.7 km
Time: 69:24
Average HR: 146
Maximum HR: 161
Easy long distance training on what coaches called “The most relevant map”. Nailed everything except for on the 8 when I made a parallel error with the track bends halfway through the leg. But max. 15 seconds loss.

To train for JWOC Long Distance:
• Be STRONG on hills. This training was designed as JWOC length, and had 8.8 km with 600m climb. Basically about how many hills can you run in 70min, the navigation is not very difficult
• Be aggressive through the short sections of green
• Plan ahead for the route-choices. Some of them you need a lot of time to think about.
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Czech Long Distance Training (02/10/2012) Czech Long Distance Training (02/10/2012)