Loffe-Älgjakten Relay (16/09/2012)
Category: Competition
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 1
Distance: 3.32 km
Time: 15:46
Average HR: 173
Maximum HR: 183
Ran first leg for the Verdal 4 team in the Loffe-Älgjakten Relay, and came back first out of everyone. Quite a simple course which you could push quite hard in. Also helped that we had 4 of the controls yesterday. (1) Start order meant I started quite far back in the mass start but I was leading at the start triangle. Didn’t realize you could run between the forest and houses so I took the track around, which was longer, but I still arrived at the control in about 3rd I think +0:05. (2) Had this leg yesterday in reverse so I knew exactly what to do. Perhaps I could have cut the last section straighter, but the forest was pretty crappy. (3) There was another spur between the two streams and thought I had hit the hill already +0:20. (8) The leaders were running across the field when I came out of the forest so I gunned it to catch them, and luckily they took the wrong track off the main one. Held the lead until the end.
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Loffe-Älgjakten Relay (16/09/2012) Loffe-Älgjakten Relay (16/09/2012)