Bygdakamp 6 (05/09/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Stokkvola
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle Distance
Distance: 7.04 km
Time: 46:16
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 179
Evening race between the 3 local clubs. Pretty casual, everyone was looking at all their maps before the start. Had really really sore calf muscles so my legs were so smashed climbing the hills and running through the marshes. Had to walk way too much of the course, could have smashed it if I was able to run. Pretty clean though, the navigation was fairly easy. (1) Rolled my ankle quite badly which made me a little careful during the rest of race. (2) Had a bad exit, got caught in a think patch of green. (4) Parallel error with the two sets of double ditches +0:30. (6) Had to walk most of the hill and some of the marsh because my legs were so tired. (8) Ran around the road to rest my legs from the rough undergrowth. (10) Slightly lost direction at the end of the bearing +0:10. (11) Bad direction at the end of the leg again, relocated off the ditches +0:20. (12) Really confusing just before the control because I wasn’t reading enough detail +0:05. Not much time loss from mistakes but a lot from running speed.
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Bygdakamp 6 (05/09/2012) Bygdakamp 6 (05/09/2012)