Karori Cemetery Sprint (07/08/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Karori Cemetery
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Sprint Distance
Distance: 4.16 km
Time: 23:35
Average HR: 173
Maximum HR: 186
Ran a short sprint around the cemetery which ended up taking much longer than I expected, because of how crappy the forest and how slippery the ground was. (1) White forest in the gully was full of blackberry so that took ages to fight through +0:10. (14) Forest here had lots of blackberry in it too, thought I was through it all once I was in, but there was a massive wall of it going out the other side too +1:10. (24) Forest looked much nicer further down, but it wasn’t, and the forest where the control was was impenetrable +0:30. (29) Graves extended much further along the path, so had to backtrack to get to the control +0:15. Mostly I just lost time from not being able to run fast or take corners quickly, because of the wet, and having to stop to read which path I needed to run around. They were really small on the map.
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Ross : Bro nice! Where was this map when I lived in Wellington! :O
nick : hard out. they're getting better aye. hopefully we will have some more good ones after world cup too
Ross : Yeah this looks fun aye, except they maybe need to make the gaps in the rows a bit bigger to make it more readable... And that whole Otari valley would be sweet as a sprint map, there's some real nice bits of forest, but even the green shit would be fun once you get used to it :P
nick : the gaps are tiny its so hard to read at pace. but the worst thing is that the thin grey lines in the southern part of the map are actually really thin strips of olive green. they are lines of head stones that should be shown as impassable walls or something, because at the moment they look like passable walls. which they are not. amateur cartography
Kyle : I actually went and did a sprint here on Wednesday and had a control on the same feature as 24, really deceptive mapping... Could you send me the map? I am currently drawing and redrawing courses on the map from the Winter Classic and its getting impossible to read
Kyle : Also, this map is literally 1-2 min jog from my house so let me know if you want someone to catch up. Also I'd be keen so set courses and put out toilet paper controls if a few people wanted to do it.
nick : whoa i didn't realize so many people looked at my DOMA... yea id be keen to do some training, I dont have much time left until i leave for Norway on the 23rd August but before then definitely
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Karori Cemetery Sprint (07/08/2012) Karori Cemetery Sprint (07/08/2012)