Karori Cemetery Sprint (07/08/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Karori Cemetery
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Sprint Distance
Distance: 4.16 km
Time: 23:35
Average HR: 173
Maximum HR: 186
Ran a short sprint around the cemetery which ended up taking much longer than I expected, because of how crappy the forest and how slippery the ground was. (1) White forest in the gully was full of blackberry so that took ages to fight through +0:10. (14) Forest here had lots of blackberry in it too, thought I was through it all once I was in, but there was a massive wall of it going out the other side too +1:10. (24) Forest looked much nicer further down, but it wasn’t, and the forest where the control was was impenetrable +0:30. (29) Graves extended much further along the path, so had to backtrack to get to the control +0:15. Mostly I just lost time from not being able to run fast or take corners quickly, because of the wet, and having to stop to read which path I needed to run around. They were really small on the map.
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Karori Cemetery Sprint (07/08/2012) Karori Cemetery Sprint (07/08/2012)