JWOC Relay (13/07/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jahodna
Country: Slovakia
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 2
Had a good run on 2nd leg in the JWOC Relay. Started out in 8th position from Tim’s run and brought us up to 3rd for the spectator. Finished in 4th after dropping a little bit of time on 16, so pretty pleased. Unfortunately Matt didn’t have a good run but we still finished 7th which is the best result for a NZ team ever. (4) Not sure if running around was slower but looking at the map now straight loots quicker to me. (7) With a pack and they all overshot the gully, but /I noticed and that is how I got ahead basically. With the next few controls leading up to the spectator I had Jarvis Westergard Hakon ahead and a Dane just behind. (16) Lost some time in the green so got passed by another team but after that stayed fairly solid as there was almost no navigation. Now we need to train up someone else to run in the Relay with me and Tim so hopefully we can podium next year.
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JWOC Relay (13/07/2012)