JWOC Long Distance (09/07/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Brazda
Country: Slovakia
Discipline: Long Distance
Came 20th in the JWOC Long Distance which I'm pretty stoked with. It was quite cold and rainy which helped a lot, I don't run too well in the heat. Was held up a lot by my ankle though, its was really weak in the rougher sections which slowed me a lot. I kept rolling it even though it was taped and lost a lot of time because of that. I just wasn't able to open up and run at full speed when I had the fitness to do so. (2) Expected the hill to be much larger than it was and that I would have to walk, so I cruised unnecessarily (15 sec). (4) I lost map contact twice on the leg when I hit depressions. Each time I went left and lost a bit of time by adding extra length to the leg, and slowing because I was unsure (2 min). (6) Drifted to the left at the edge of the green in the scattered and then had to push through more green in the open. I was clean in the open except for (14) where I cut in a couple of metres too early (5sec). (18) Had a bad exit from the control so went round an extra depression, and then I was pushed off line and trapped a lot in the green. Should have run north over the open hill which would have been a lot faster and safer ( 4min). (20) Stopped too early at the re-entrant on the left, thinking I was at the depression but not much time loss (20 sec). Running pretty fats towards the end, my ankle was feeling good.
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JWOC Long Distance (09/07/2012)