JWOC Training 7 - Relay (05/07/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bankov
Country: Slovakia
Discipline: Relay
Distance: 4.97 km
Time: 27:05
Average HR: 175
Maximum HR: 187
Relay training with the US team. Mass start with fust running forest. Ran much too fast for my navigation so I made lots of mistakes. Wasn't reading the map =, just running on bearings, most of which were really bad. (2) Should have climbed to the top of the hill instead of following evryone else traversing along the stony slope. (4) Didn't have a plan and attackpoint so I lost a lot of time when I reached the detail, trying ot relocate. (6) The wrost bearing in the history of orienteering. Saw the track to the west of the control, but thought it it was the one to the east so I ran back further from the control. (10) Took it easier into the control and read the detail more, so I knew where I was. (12) Had a bad bearing and misread the clearings, so I overshot it. (14) Should have read the map more, and tracked it to the clearing rather than running strait through the green. Overall if I had slowed down I could have actually navigated and run clean through the course, and pushed it on the running stages.
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JWOC Training 7 - Relay (05/07/2012) JWOC Training 7 - Relay (05/07/2012)