JWOC Training 6 (03/07/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Soroska
Country: Slovakia
Discipline: Long Distance
Distance: 9.26 km
Time: 61:43
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 173
Jogged aorund a long training and incluided 6 x 60 sec efforts. Tried the first two through controls to improve flow but i just made colossal mistakes so instead I ran them as a regular intervals session with 60 sec recoveries through the terrain. (1-3) I picked really good routes and nailed the navigation. (4) I should have run around the track for the last section, and through the clearing, rather than over the hill. It was really hard to pick where the re-entrnt went down and as a result I picked the wrong one. Becuase I was doing an effort here too I didin't check off the direction on my compass so I got lost. Took a while to relocate. (5) Got caught in a lot of green/spiky bushes which slowed me down a lot. Should have been more aggressive and smashed straight throught the fight rather than trying to link up rough open clearings. (6) I drifted a little to the right from my exit but corrected. (7) Had a good bearing to begin but didin't change direction after the depressions and drited off to the right. (9) Right would have been faster than straight becuase there were a lot of nettles in the undergrowth and clearings. I have learnt that dot screen green is fine to run through, but undergrowth and rough open clearings are really slow. (10) Drifted a bit right part way through but not much time loss. (11) Should have run the open clearing rather than the rough open. (12) I drifted off so far right, and corrected, without realising. I thought I was running the red line but actually I was about 200m south. No wonder I though the area was vague. (13) I was really dehydrated and took it realy easy up the hill. Would have gone all the way to the top in a race if I was hydrated but I felt really bad so I minimised climb. (14) I could have run straighter. Overall not a very good run technically and physically.
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JWOC Training 6 (03/07/2012) JWOC Training 6 (03/07/2012)