JWOC Training 4 - O-Intervals (30/06/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bukovec
Country: Slovakia
Distance: 5.28 km
Time: 26:06
Really fast O intervals with the NZ boys and Olle and Kas from Australia. Lots of hills so it was quite tough racing head to head. We raced for 4 controls, then had a break for everyone to catch up, and then raced another 4 controls, so all together we had 5 efforts. (3) Wasn't really sure of where I was but my bearing was solid and I relocated quickly when I reached the slope. (5) A little hesitant going into the control because there weren't any features to check off with, but I was on target. (6) Droppped a little too low to early, but a minor mistake. (10) Made a parallel error with the clearings. Realized when I saw the large hill on my left and had to race to catch everyone back up. (14) Got ahead of the pack when they ran right past the control, and I saw it. (19) Bad bearing out of 18 and saw another re-entrant which I was hunting in, while everyone went to the right one. On the way to 20 running down the track I rolled my right ankle quite badly so I had to pull out, but luckily it was right at the end. Altogether I won 3 of the intervals (1, 3, 4). I beat Matt on 10 controls, but he beat me on 10 controls too, so it was really close racing between us.
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JWOC Training 4 - O-Intervals (30/06/2012) JWOC Training 4 - O-Intervals (30/06/2012)