JWOC Training 3 (29/06/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Plesivec
Country: Slovakia
Discipline: Long Distance
Distance: 9.43 km
Time: 57:17
Average HR: 171
Maximum HR: 180
Really fun long training in awesome terrain. Really fast forest and I orienteered really well. Felt strong on the hills and my really nailed my exit directions on almost every leg. 1 Bad compass at the beginning and it took me a bit of time to work out what had happened. 2 Solid route choice, really straight and executed it well. Could have cut of a bit of distance by not going strait around the fence at the beginning, but minor. 8 Drifted off line a little from not picking of features on either side of my line, but recovered quickly. 10 stopped early because there was a shallow re-entrant which I thought was the one after the control. Missed 17-19 because it was getting quite hot and I was really thirsty.
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JWOC Training 3 (29/06/2012) JWOC Training 3 (29/06/2012)