JWOC Training 2 (28/06/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Borda
Country: Slovakia
Discipline: Middle Distance
Distance: 6.45 km
Time: 42:17
First forest training in Europe. Wasn't focussed and made lots of mistakes. Some of the worst orienteering I have ever done. 1 Too far right, but corrected. 2 Got drawn too low by a root stock that looked like a boulder. 3 Control was in the wrong place. 4 Had a bad bearing but was already too far right from miss-placed 3. Attempted straight but the green was thicker than I expected. I bailed to the top but I should have kept going straight because the tracks were extremely slow, really overgrown. Recovered for the next few legs and started orienteering properly. 11 I drifted off line, but kept on a bearing as though I was on the pink line so I was never going to get to the control. Then I got drawn further right. I should have been reading the map more and linked up the 3 hills on the line. 13-16 had some shocking bearings combined with lack of map reading. 17 Bad exit but recovered.
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JWOC Training 2 (28/06/2012) JWOC Training 2 (28/06/2012)