Chasing Start Middle (23/06/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Otari
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Middle Distance
Distance: 4.89 km
Time: 39:13
Would have preferred it to be reverse start order, so I was catching everyone. 1 Lost time at the beginning by running to start triangle, then continued ahead on the leg which ended up being the slower route choice. I don't like route choices where the better route is back the way you came from the start triangle, and/or you have practically no time to analyse the options from when you pick up the map until when you have to make a decision (20sec). 2 and 3 The controls were in the wrong place, so I had to search for them, and then run back to the control site to put them in the right place (2 min, 1 min). 4 It looked as though the cliff could be accessed from the top, but there was actually fight (30sec). 9 I missed the track to the right, so I had to cut through the green too low (10 sec). 11 The control was in the wrong place again, so I had to move it back (10sec). Such sick terrain, I love orienteering in this stuff
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mogd001: This is not orienteering....
nh : there was a bit of dead running between controls but 8-15 section was mint
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Chasing Start Middle (23/06/2012) Chasing Start Middle (23/06/2012)