Karori Park (21/06/2012)
Category: Training
Country: New Zealand
Distance: 5.49 km
Time: 39:02
Average HR: 171
Maximum HR: 184
One of the worst maps I have ever run on. Contours are mapped weird, vegetation is not consistent and badly mapped. Really small features mapped which shouldn't be, and all the features are in the wrong places. Whole re-entrant systems are over 100m out, on a 1:5000 map (click on map to see my 'warped' gps route, showning how out everything is). And why the hell is it 5m contours?!?! Also, I am so sick of mappers shrinking symbols so they can fit pointless shit on the map. A 30cm mound of rotten branches is not a knoll! So many shrunken symbols on the map, it is basically impossible to read while running. Single tracks are not 0.1mm thick, man-made objects are not 0.4mm across. And indistinct tracks are not 0.04 mm thick!! That is taking it way too far, 0.7mm black lines are hard enough to see in non-urban areas, viable route choices should not be shown so small that you can only see them on OCAD!

I ran the red long from Sunday's event, but I left it too late until I started so it got pitch black. And it didn't help that my headlamp was practically out of batteries so I had no light. Stumbled the last part down the stream to the finish. But I had no pain from my shins which is so so awesome, I think I can start running again now.

Click on the map to see the un-'warped' gps route and see how out the map is by comparing it to the other route, where I dragged it with about 20 points to make it fit best. But still some sections are way out
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Karori Park (21/06/2012) Karori Park (21/06/2012)