Massey Sprint O intervals (14/10/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Massey Campass
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 2.8 km
Time: 27:43
Sprint Interval training with Andrei and Ryan. Gps was weird through the first 6 controls and for some of the tight balconys around 10. Missed a stairway at 11 so lost a little time going round otherwise clean. Ran into a paddock with bull at 15 which resulted in ryan and andrei running away screaming when it started moving towards us... Gps died in the bottom campus but didnt make any errors through the rest of the training (i think). Also time for this section was actually 8 minutes (excluding time betwen each interval)
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Massey Sprint O intervals (14/10/2014) Massey Sprint O intervals (14/10/2014)