AOA OY2 (26/07/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Restall Road
Organiser: Auckland OC
Country: New Zealand
Distance: 12.74 km
Time: 85:57
Not very decent pace and lots of mistakes early on. S-1: watch wouldnt start then veered left. 3-4 misjudged the distance and wasnt really thinking, overshot and saw the track before realising much to the amusement of Steve Orams. 4-5 was confused by the clearing on the track before 5 - clearing is entirely on north side of track actually and thought I might have overshot to clearing on track beyond control. Also the hill before 5 seems skewed by 30 degrees - gps before edit showed me furthur east when going round the hill. 5-6: Compass was weird out of 5 possibly due to the skewing. 6-7: Veered a little left. 9-10: Mistook large depression north of control for the hill to the west. 12-13: Veered left in the vague area. 27-28: Was tired and saw another control took a moment to realise it wasnt mine.
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AOA OY2 (26/07/2014) AOA OY2 (26/07/2014)