Katoa Po 2020 (14/03/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rangatira E
Organiser: Taupo OC
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Night
Leg: 7
Distance: 9.39 km
Time: 62:20
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 187
Katoa Po went beast this year. Light green was low vis pine with scattered thinnings that forced you to deviate well off your line and slightly dodgy mapping. Made it very tricky with people losing 30-40 minutes on controls in there. Race was ok, bit rusty still with a bit of confidence missing in the circle. Mistakes on 3 - my attack point was the gully control was in and I got the wrong one. 8 - map was wrong (ironically old map from 2015 looked perfect here). 14,15,16 - doubted myself on all of these and turned/veered wrong way.
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Katoa Po 2020 (14/03/2020) Katoa Po 2020 (14/03/2020)