JEC Long (07/10/2018)
Категория: Competition
Карта/область: Bretaye
Организатор: Swiss Orienteering
Страна: Switzerland
Длина пути: 12.17 km
Время: 94:27
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 190
Tough terrain but amazing terrain. One day I will come back and conquer this place, sadly I was nowhere near up to the task today. Didn't help that someone bizarely nicked my map out of my hand in the mass start and threw it away down the hill so I had to fight hard to catch back up even from the beginning #fairplay I'm also sad that the jury decided to rule the race ending at control 23. While this obviously effected me very little, I believe it's better to award no medals than to the guy who won 3/4 of the course but might have had no energy left to hold off the chasing pack.
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JEC Long (07/10/2018) JEC Long (07/10/2018)