AOS 2 - No Compass, No worries (24/03/2018)
Kategori: Competition
Harita/bölge: Lake Kereta
Organizasyon: NWOC
Ülke: NZ
Mesafe: 7.6 km
Zaman: 52:22
Ortalama kalp atisi: 170
Maximum kalp atisi: 196
Pretty stoked to run mostly straight in this terrain without a compass - trying to get a bit more awareness of my technique before nationals. Steady pace, very happy with my speed even if I'm still unfit. Felt rusty on the day losing 3:10 in bits and bobs everywhere but with a compass I might have been sharper. Can't wait to race nationals next weekend, it's time to smash a race or 4.
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AOS 2 - No Compass, No worries (24/03/2018) AOS 2 - No Compass, No worries (24/03/2018)