AOS 8 - South Woodhill (13/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: South Woodhill
Organiser: AOC
Country: NZ
Distance: 11.48 km
Time: 60:46
Made small mistakes on 2,6 then didn't execute my routechoice to 7 (straight) quite as well as I should of and lost a little time. Made a bigger miss on 8 and again was a little lax and didn't really think on the way to 11, losing more time. 12 was bingo and I relocated to the track and 14 I also got confused. All fairly minor stuff however and after that I was clean, just too tired to go hard the whole time with a lack of sleep.
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AOS 8 - South Woodhill (13/08/2016) AOS 8 - South Woodhill (13/08/2016)