JWOC Suisse training (30/06/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Furstenwald
Organiser: Me
Country: Switzerland
Distance: 6.66 km
Time: 56:44
Interesting area. I have a cold so was struggling to really run well even though I was running at pretty low altitude. 1,2,3,4 were alright with a small miss to 3 as I was distracted by the thunderstorm rolling in. 5 I planned in advance to go straight through the middle however it was fairly thick and I wasn't feeling up to being aggressive. Road to the right might have been quicker despite lots of extra climb. 6 I spiked and might have nailed 7 except I misread all the lines in that area and ended up too low going to 13 instead! 8/9 were grinds and I decided to go to the top at 9 for some reason.10/11/12/13 I was into the map and executed fairly well from then to the finish apart from the last control where my map was illegible.
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JWOC Suisse training (30/06/2016) JWOC Suisse training (30/06/2016)