080915 - Training (08/08/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Beautiful Hills
Organiser: Me
Country: NZL
Distance: 6.68 km
Time: 68:37
Training in part of woodhill I've never run in. Spiked first two controls but then was to far down the slope on 3 - vegetation was very thick here but very open in the white north of the line. Didn't bother with 4 - looked a mess in that direction. Beautiful running 6-8 - super open native bush, would be awesome if the whole area was like this. Bailed early cos I ran out of time. Wish we would do some events on this map - it was pretty awesome (and different)
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080915 - Training (08/08/2015) 080915 - Training (08/08/2015)