Nice Training (10/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sexy Hills
Organiser: Dunco Morrison
Country: NZ
Discipline: Lazy Sunday
Distance: 8.66 km
Time: 96:27
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 182
nice run in nice forest on nice map ;)
such a nice place to be back in the forest and a nice change from the wood hill usual.

got absolutely stuffed on number 1 hahaha nightmare no clue what even happened, shit compass screwed it all up.
2 was algood
map was mongrel as around 3 but somehow was in the right place.
missed 4-5-6 cos it was a lazy training (and running out of time)
7 was nice and slow in some nice native forest.
8-9-10 just chilling with duncan
11 I reckon straight would have been nice with a nice clearing and some nice cliffs on the way.
12/13 mongrel mapping but algood.
missed yucky 14-15-16-17
18 lost midget track, straight would have been better.
19 some choice mapping :)
20 nah it was a lazy sunday.

pretty choice training tho, cheers duncan
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Nice Training (10/08/2014) Nice Training (10/08/2014)