JWOC Waiuku OY3 (20/07/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Waiuku Forest
Organiser: Wayne Aspin
Country: not bulgaria
Discipline: Slow
Distance: 7.93 km
Time: 62:40
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 188
Distance: 7.89km Time: 1:02:40

was pretty wrecked after NZSS so wasn't pushing it, lots of controls reused from last couple of days.

3 - pretty much went to 6 first, stupid lack of focus.
7 - took scenic route up track for some reason (followed kieran)
8 - love cutty-grass
9 - love it even more, lost focus and started running down reentrant full of it
12 - left road at wrong cliff, came way too high - more scenery, found matt
13 - switched off and ran past control

14/15/16/17 - jogged with matt

18 to end - raced matt:
18 - got stuck in undergrowth, bailed to track
19 - followed matt to wrong hill
finish - matt smashed me :'(

3 days straight in waiuku north makes it pretty much done for at least another few years, it was pretty good :)
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JWOC Waiuku OY3 (20/07/2014) JWOC Waiuku OY3 (20/07/2014)