NZSS Long (18/07/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Waiuku Forest
Organiser: Wayne Aspin
Country: NZL
Distance: 6.95 km
Time: 51:57
Pretty shit race - lots of small mistakes let me down.

2/3 - really slow start in shitty cutty grass, hard to see hills and stuff.
5 - drifted right in more cutty grass, compromise between staying on compass and finding good runnability.
7 - came down wrong cliff, too fast didn't even check, found 11 and relocated.
12 - major stuff up, lost focus and assumed open stripe was road past 12, lost at least 2 min stuffing around here, really stupid mistake, wasn't even thinking about having to cross an open strip before the control.
13 - slow up hill but straight was good.
14 - lost focus and thought major reentrant to SE of control was mine, then came too low over spur and lost more time 2 mins in total.
15 - wasted time looking in open/striped depression for control.
17 - lost 20s going straight up hill, should have gone up road and around.
19 - lost focus and drifted around hill expecting to see control.
20 - should have run up track in middle of fence-boxes, slow running around outside.

Heaps and heaps of small mistakes mainly due to lack of focus I think, running speed was pretty good otherwise but not ideal.
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NZSS Long (18/07/2014) NZSS Long (18/07/2014)