Here Come Dat Boi (10.05.2016)
Kategori: Competition
Kart/område: Medel Erth
Arrangør: T Ho
Land: frenchyland
Disiplin: no compass fam
Distanse: 3.46 km
Tid: 38:35 HR: 148
Maksimum HR: 180
Sick as mish out to Middle Earth for a night sesh. Brilliant map, even though I left my compass in the car lol - just turned full beast and looked at the map for once. Only had a couple of mares, number 3 absolutely lost it, probably could have relocated had I been bothered, but just moved on. Going from 7-11 caked it a little bit, but eventually relocated and snekked the control, albeit with f all confidence, tho if there had been a control there would have been alg. Really surprised at how well I handled it with no compass, given that just last year I had mares running telephone track during the day with no compass. churrrrrrrr frenchy on thursday, neel tmrw
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Here Come Dat Boi (10.05.2016) Here Come Dat Boi (10.05.2016)