Tele Track Corridor (15/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Telephone Track, Woodhill
Organiser: Mustard On The Beat, Ho
Country: Nu Ziland
Discipline: Ring Ring
Leg: 42
Distance: 13.64 km
Time: 80:06
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 186
OH YES... woodhill m8. Was a little bit moist. Corridors are mean as, but felled shit isn't hence I got lost crossing the felled shit coming into the coast. Overall the corridor was a pleasing exercise as it forces us to keep focussed and to read the map much more often than you normally tend to in Woodhill. Long leg was sicko, but I lost a bit of time in the circle maybe because I was tired from running fastish for the majority of the leg. Flowed nicely through the last few controls. Oh and Auckland Grammar 1st XV beat Kings College for the 5th time in a row, so we have a final next weekend ziggy.
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Tele Track Corridor (15/08/2015) Tele Track Corridor (15/08/2015)