Lunsen Max Beastliness (01/08/2015)
Category: Sleeping
Map/area: Lunsen Heaven
Organiser: HRH Linné
Country: Sverige
Discipline: Lång
Distance: 12.05 km
Time: 91:49
Sick as training with some really nice long legs to test our mental beastliness. Out of 3 I pussied out of going through a little bit of green and ending up going way to far off the line. Weak. Then I took a shit and forgot to restart my watch until I got to 4. Got nice and wet in some marshes on the way to 5 then got a bit stuck by a tiny little stick that was on my map pretending to be a cliff. Bit disappointed I bailed out on 7 but I didn't want to be late.
Raced Matthias Goodall 1v1 from 10 to the finish which was fun and a sick end to a really really sick training on an unbelievable sick map.
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Lunsen Max Beastliness (01/08/2015) Lunsen Max Beastliness (01/08/2015)