mint Swedish good country (29/11/2014)
Category: Sleeping
Map/area: Somewhere Woodhill
Organiser: Dwayne Smith
Country: nzchur
Distance: 13.37 km
Time: 98:11
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 189
Pretty solid training, nice to be back in the forest after absolutely ages and pumped heaps after a mean coaching seminar from swedish team head coach. HakanLAD. Tried to focus on finding the control accurately and pretty stoked to actually get some solid focusing done out there. Cocked up the western 13 and 15 trying to smash it back to the finish on time and not slowing down coming into the control. Completely forgot about 17.Was pretty sweet not pushing it physically. Pumped as for camp x2 and tassie!!!
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mint Swedish good country  (29/11/2014) mint Swedish good country  (29/11/2014)