NZSS Long 2014 (18/07/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Waiuku Forest
Organiser: CMOC
Country: New Zealand
Distance: 7.87 km
Time: 77:48
Terrible, Horrible (other bad adjectives) race for me, full of simple mistakes which ruined the event for me.
1. I must have drifted to the left...
3. to 6. Followed Devon, who started behind me and caught me up.
7. Came off the last track before the control the wrong side of the dark green patch, and ended up coming down the wrong side of the large spur without realizing. Took me a while to correct this.
9. Must have missed the control behind a cutty grass bush and started running around in circles, not knowing why i couldn't find it...
13. Made the mistake of trying to go through the area of striped green undergrowth (this hasn't shown up on the GPS for some reason) and found it should have been marked as a darker shade of green... Decided to follow the track up the hill, but couldn't find the control at first, which cost me a bit of time
15. The frustration from earlier legs showed and a lapse of concentration screwed everything up.

A disappointing race for me today, hopefully things will go better in tomorrows relay...
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NZSS Long 2014 (18/07/2014)