AOA - OY 4 (13/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Puketapu Road
Organiser: Auckland Orienteering Club
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Long
Distance: 9.43 km
Time: 68:38
Okay race but breathing was all over the pace and never really managed to settle into a steady pace. Speed overall slower that normal.
2 - Wrong part of ridge where control was. (30 sec)
4 - Hill seemed way bigger than marked on map so thought I was further NE of control. (1 min)
6 - Green area on map covered up hill so stopped short of control. (1.5 min)
12 - Wasn't paying enough attention when coming down off track so hit contour detail and didn't know exactly where I was, took a while to relocate and wasted heaps of time. (3 min)
21 - Thought first depression on right was the second one so stopped short of control again. (1.5 min)
Total time loss ~7.5/8 minutes
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AOA - OY 4 (13/09/2014) AOA - OY 4 (13/09/2014)