AOA OY2 (27/07/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Restall Road
Organiser: Auckland Orienteering Club
Country: New Zealand
Distance: 8.36 km
Time: 51:42
Overall a very good run with good pace. Small mistakes at:
11: Unsure of exact position due to the vagueness of detail in this area.
16: Got caught out by small re-entrant just before(SE) of control.
17: Took safe route choice out to track for easy attack point into control.
20: Made a parallel mistake with line on knolls just north of control but thought I was on small ridge that control was at end of.
Overall very happy with pace and navigation
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AOA OY2 (27/07/2014) AOA OY2 (27/07/2014)