OY 3 (20/07/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Waiuku Forest North
Organiser: Counties Manukau Orienteering Club
Country: New Zealand
Distance: 8.31 km
Time: 65:56
Overall a good run but with some costly mistakes.
1 through 8 were all clean with no major mistakes, although lost the main track on the way to 7.
Took safe routechoice following tracks down through some heavy detail to 9.
There are way more cliffs than marked around 12 and this made for some slow going.
Slow climb up from 13 followed by veering way too far right to 14 (2 minute mistake).
15, 16, 17 all straight forward through some up and down hilly terrain.
18,19,20 easy controls to finish, though more undergrowth than marked.
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Thomas: I went down that track on the way to 7 also, wasn't there fallen trees all over it which kinda hid it?? also from 2-3, was that the gps playing up or was there an unmarked track through there?
Max Griffiths : Or that track just might be mapped wrong. Quite wrong, now thinking its not my GPS as other people had this showing as well. my route from 6-7, me, jonty and Tommy all ended up on that track as the main track felt like it was in the OOB area so just ended up drifting up that side track
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OY 3  (20/07/2014) OY 3  (20/07/2014)