NZ Champs Long (2018-03-31)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Hedley Dunes
Arrangör: Auckland
Land: New Zealand
Distans: Long
Sträcka: 13.23 km
Tid: 77:11
Genomsnittlig puls: 174
Maxpuls: 185
Very unstable through the first 3 controls losing about 2-2:30. Picked up the pace and the navigation through the next part of course. Caught Callum running to 11 and made a hash in the low vis together. Relatively quick recovery and a small error to 12 (where a lot of people lost the most time in this race). Bad compass to 15 before the runthrough and then even worse to 17 although results and word of mouth showed a lot of people making very similar mistakes on this leg. Smashed out the last loop, happy with how my pace was holding after 60 minutes so far and executing legs very well despite this.
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NZ Champs Long (2018-03-31) NZ Champs Long (2018-03-31)