Australian Sprint Champtionships (24/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Griffith University
Organiser: Orienteering Queensland
Country: Australia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.47 km
Time: 18:23
Average HR: 180
Maximum HR: 188
Really cool sprint map, very technical small paths in place, although to an extreme in place making it hard to read. Still recovering from flu so felt very lethargic. Mistake to the first, was confused by the start sequence then couldn't find the start triangle and overshot the path I wanted. A few hesitations noticably 2,3,4 as I was getting into the map and later also to 14 when I lost map contact but apart from this enjoyed the map and my route choice and execution. Good start to the carnival with 6th.
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Australian Sprint Champtionships (24/09/2016) Australian Sprint Champtionships (24/09/2016)