For those who were left behind (08/07/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Mushroom Road/Restall Road
Organiser: Me
Country: New Zealand
Distance: 9.03 km
Time: 59:55
Nice to get out to the forest again, first time in a while doing O' that isn't sprint.
Focussing on compass technique, simplification and attack points.
A few times I didn't turn sharp enough out of a control from my incoming direction so exit direction is something still to be worked on.
Missed 20 in the light green near the end, pretty vague in places. Also detoured round the edge of a large open sandy quarried area on the way to 23.
Nearly 15km all up including run in/out.
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For those who were left behind (08/07/2016) For those who were left behind (08/07/2016)