QB'Day 2016 - MultiDay (05/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Walda
Organiser: Wellington OC
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: MultiDay
Distance: 6.52 km
Time: 46:11
Not a great end to the weekend. Just wanted as a clean a race as I could, didn't need to have heaps of pace. Quite hesitant to the 2nd as I passed over a wider break in the trees than normal on a flat area and thought it was the track. Then lost over 3 minutes to number 3 as I crossed over the main track without properly noting of aexactly where I was attacking from and spent ages fumbling in the green, wasn't aided by the much marshier sides to the track than marked. (comparitively) Small mistake to 7, couldn't pick up the track, happy with the next few controls through the dunes, espcecially the longer leg to 10 which I still managed to tick off sufficient features in the subtle dune detail. Another big mistake going into 11, lost 2:00 going off the track too late and struglling to relocate. Solid last loop but had lost too much time to have any decent result overall.
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QB'Day 2016 - MultiDay (05/06/2016) QB'Day 2016 - MultiDay (05/06/2016)