QB'Day 2016 - Middle (04/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kuku Beach
Organiser: Wellington OC
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 4.01 km
Time: 27:19
A few small hesitations to 1 and 2 (gps cut out around 2 also). Felt really good through to 10, clean navigation and comfortable hard pace. Should have been more aggressive through the low lying shrub on the hills to 11, especially as this was a slightly shorter Middle Distance and close to the end, lost almost a minute on the winning split on this leg. A little thrown by the number of controls in close promity in the last block of forest, and 15 felt a lot closer to the fence to the open slightly north. Happy with this decent, and clean, start to the weekend.
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QB'Day 2016 - Middle (04/06/2016) QB'Day 2016 - Middle (04/06/2016)