NWOC Rogaine Series #3 (28/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Whites Line
Organiser: NWOC
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Rogaine
Distance: 14.14 km
Time: 89:36
Managed to (just) get every control within 90 mins. Knew I was going to be cutting it fine within the first 30 mins as I passed my cutoff times.
Stupid mistake to the first (54), misread the reentrant in the southern part of the circle as a spur. Lost 1:20
Unfortunate misplacement of 4th control (47), about 100m south, lost 2:30.
Very clean all the way until the very end where I made a tiny parallel error the the 30th control (41), picked up the wrong reentrant out of the bottom of the depression and lost 1:20 by which time I knew I was going to have to sprint all the way to the finish. Arrived with 25 seconds to spare.
Overall very happy and a good end to the Rogaine Series for 2016.
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NWOC Rogaine Series #3 (28/05/2016) NWOC Rogaine Series #3 (28/05/2016)