Marion's Long Training (14/02/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Telephone Track
Organiser: AOTC
Country: New Zealand
Distance: 9.19 km
Time: 61:33
Quite happy with this training. Focusing on forward planning of legs and thinking ahead to simplify features before I'm on top of them in the terrain. Came out to the track way earlier than had planned and expected on the way to 8. Made a couple of small mistakes to 18 and 19. Not reading the deatail carefully enough around the control circle. Started to lose pace significantly around 24. Had good direction to 26 and then suddenly started to head right. The area around 26-27 felt really skewed. Thought I had gone way too low to 27 and then ran straight through the control circle and only realised once I was way north of the control.
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Marion's Long Training (14/02/2015) Marion's Long Training (14/02/2015)