SM Ultra Lång - Del 3 (05/10/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skogstibble
Organiser: OK Enen
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Ultra Lång
Distance: 10.46 km
Time: 83:33
Average HR: 142
Maximum HR: 175
Went through some serios motions in this loop. To the 28th everything stopped working, my brain and legs! Really considered quitting at this stage, as my goal was just to run for 2hours as training. I walked/jogged really slowly the next couple of controls, and was caught by Simonon who erged me to continue. In the end I made it around the final loop, and actually had some decent speed in the end. Tough day in the office, but awesome training!
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SM Ultra Lång - Del 3 (05/10/2014) SM Ultra Lång - Del 3 (05/10/2014)