HBOC Club Champs (23/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Waipoapoa
Organiser: HBOC
Country: NZ
Distance: 7.27 km
Time: 47:07
After a few days of tough training Jakob and I raced the Hawkes Bay Club Champs. My race was a tired one with a few small mistakes. 3) Was looking for a reentrant not a spur so was a bit confused when I came out of the forest 7) Control was in the wrong place 8) Searching for the control at 7, my flow was disrupted and I made a mistake to the 8t. The rock detail from 5-8 was hard to read, generally just run into the control circle and search for the control. 16) Bad route choice, I saw Jakob and followed his path. Should have just run up the road. 21) I think the map was a little strange here. On the whole I think I lost between 2 and 3 minutes,
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HBOC Club Champs (23/06/2013) HBOC Club Champs (23/06/2013)