Wellington Sprint Camp 2013 - Training 1 (15/03/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Wellington Water Front
Organiser: Nick Hann
Country: NZ
Distance: 3.79 km
Time: 14:56
Average HR: 177
Maximum HR: 186
Got caught out a few times by nicks tricks and underpasses which I didn't see on the map. (1-2) I tried going straight in through the striped but got forced out the wrong side, so lost 10 seconds. (2-3) There was some event happening so we weren't allowed into the control site (5-6) Firstly didn't realise I could go under the bridge, secondly didn't see the uncrossable fence just before the control. Maybe some ambiguous mapping? (7-8) Didn't see the right route choice, uncrossable wall which you could go under once again. The rest was ok, not having optimal flow at times. Tim caught me up at the second control, so we were running hard. Quite frustrated when he took some of the better route choices cos he new the map. Awesome training! Bring on the rest of the weekend,
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nick : Which fence did Ryan jump?
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Wellington Sprint Camp 2013 - Training 1 (15/03/2013) Wellington Sprint Camp 2013 - Training 1 (15/03/2013)