OY 4 (12/08/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Telephone Track
Organiser: Duncan Morrison (AOC)
Country: NZ
Discipline: Short Long
Nice course on a rather familiar map! Seems my body is still a little smashed from jet lag and I really felt it today. Technically a bit wobbly in places dropping 30 seconds at 3 and 4. Pulled up short to number 16 and got distracted by Duncan who was filming me to the 17th. 20 was terrible, missed 90 seconds. The contours were a little strange, but I was standing 10 metres from the control and just couldn't see it. To the 25th I lost my compass bearing off the hill system before the vague re-entrant and then 26 I think I picked a bad route choice. Other than that a load of fun!
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OY 4 (12/08/2012)