Category: Competition
Map/area: Herlany
Organiser: JWOC2012 Organisers
Country: Slovakia
Discipline: Middle
Qualification race. Didn't push too hard in this race, especially at the end. Focused primarily on the technique which is what is required for a middle qualification. Bit unsteady to the first control, not 100% confident until I arrived in the white forest just before the control. From there I missed nothing to the 12th control. Really smooth and fully controlled. A medium sized mistake to the 13th (50 seconds) where I pulled up early because I saw 2 other controls. I knew they weren't mine, but I couldn't identify the large re-entrant. All I had to do was go a little bit further and I found the control.

49th fastest split into the finish, so I was reasonably confident that I had qualified. Did so in 5th place which would provide a good starting position for the Final.
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