DAM^2 TC Medel Kval (21-05-2016)
Kategori: Training
Kort/område: Slater Road
Arrangør: Devv
Land: NZ
Distance: 3.08 km
Tid: 21:33
Gennemsnitspuls: 97
Maxpuls: 97
Dev and I ran a middle distance simulation, with middle and qualification. Legs recovered well from the morning, so I could run at a pretty good intensity. A little hesitant in the beginning, finding the tracks and identifying the features in the terrain but then found some really nice middle distance flow.
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The big Beast: Nice to see you back in business with the OCAD-magic ;)
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DAM^2 TC Medel Kval (21-05-2016) DAM^2 TC Medel Kval (21-05-2016)