DAM^2 TC Natt Medel (20/05/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Telephone Track
Organiser: Me
Country: NZ
Distance: 6.28 km
Time: 38:19
Average HR: 85
Maximum HR: 116
Great start to a beast training weekend. Recovering from a flu I picked up late last week, so not feeling 100%. Coughed up copious amounts of mucus which was probably good for the clearing the system. Mass-started with Devon and Matt. We had slightly different, gaffled, courses which made it quite interesting. We all missed the first control, after that I was largely running by myself. Mostly good technically, bar a few minor mistakes or the map being a little strange in the coast. Good fun.
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DAM^2 TC Natt Medel (20/05/2016) DAM^2 TC Natt Medel (20/05/2016)