Uppsla Möte Lång (26/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Siggefora
Organiser: IF Thor
Country: Sverige
Distance: 12.25 km
Time: 68:38
Average HR: 174
Maximum HR: 184
Shit race. Felt tired from the beginning and was not inspired by the course. Missed the 1st control, drifting a bit left and then losing some seconds. To the 2nd I should have used the path and run more to the right, but was a little too stuck in my "run dead straight" approach. The terrain was also quite tough, with a lot of branches on the ground which meant that getting a break from the terrain was good in some cases. Midway to the 4th, I lost control of my direction and then struggled to figure out exactly what had happened. 8th and 9th were jokes, amateur hour. Some guy was just following me, and with the rather average course I got quite frustrated losing my focus. By 10 I wanted the race to be over... A tad negative today, but I guess I was just tired.
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Uppsla Möte Lång (26/04/2015) Uppsla Möte Lång (26/04/2015)