Uppsala Möte Natt (24/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Stenhagen
Organiser: Rasbo IK
Country: Sverige
Discipline: Natt
Distance: 9.44 km
Time: 48:59
Farily reasonable race, started quite strong. Small mistake to the third trying to find the massive track...then again on the way to the 6th trying to find the small path. Quite rough and green terrain, so you could be standing a few metres from the paths and not see them. Then on the way to the 11th my stomach kinda exploded, and had to stop to alleviate some of the stress. As a result lost contact where I was and missed the 12th, but still managed the victory by 4 seconds!
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Uppsala Möte Natt (24/04/2015) Uppsala Möte Natt (24/04/2015)