Le Tour Stage 4 (06/02/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Diamond Harbour
Organiser: PAPO
Country: NZ
Distance: 4.36 km
Time: 28:00
Average HR: 106
Maximum HR: 108
More of a middle distance than a sprint, and in quite tough/green terrain. My technique was pretty poor in the beginning, as I struggled to get to terms with the vegetation and actually seeing the tracks in the terrain. Was perhaps too much in "sprint mode", and should have been more focused on slowing down and taking the controls cleanly. I took the coasteering legs quite safely, as I didnt want to hurt myself. 11 was a little frustrating as I missed the gap in the cliff and so took the longer, rockier way to the control. I then got into a good rhythm after that, only to lose it all on the 19th. My plan was to use the small track to hit the larger track and then drop down to the right of the green near 19. The small track however was very hard to follow, and a lot of people had made deviations from the track into the walls of fallen trees. I didnt even realise that I had hit the bigger track, as I was fafing about so much on the small track and so I ran 180 degrees in the wrong direction. The only other mistake was to the 23rd when I should have run straight, but instead opted for the left option to avoid running through any of the forest which I didnt really trust.

Overall, it was a pretty mixed race but fun to run in some challenging terrain!
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Le Tour Stage 4 (06/02/2015) Le Tour Stage 4 (06/02/2015)